Your Privacy Policy Questions & Answers

24/6 Locksmith is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information which is obtained from you, including the information we obtain during your visits to this website. 24/6 Locksmith will only use your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

  • Why does 24/6 Locksmith need to collect my personal information?

24/6 Locksmith collects certain personal information in order that it may meet the needs of its customers. By collecting certain personal information, 24/6 Locksmith is able to monitor and improve the services which it offers to its existing and potential customers. We will use this information only while directly serving our customers or to meet compliance and regulatory requirements regarding account information such as statements, correspondence, marketing products, services, promotions and events.

  • What information do I need to provide?

24/6 Locksmith will collect and hold information about you when you complete an online application or other type of form or access through this website. 24/6 Locksmith may also derive information from your use of this website and may store this information. This information may include site areas visited, pages viewed, frequency and duration of visits and other websites which may have referred you or to which you link.

  • How do you use my information?

24/6 Locksmith will use your information only for business purposes related to your requests for quotes and locksmith services. You will not receive additional emails or phone calls beyond what is needed to provide you with the information you request and provide the best possible locksmith service.

  • Who may 24/6 Locksmith disclose my information to?

24/6 Locksmith may be required to provide your personal information only to parties as required by law or as required in the context of providing locksmith service that you request.

  • Statistical Data

24/6 Locksmith may combine your personally identifiable information with information from other users of this website to create impersonalized statistical data. 24/6 Locksmith may provide this impersonalized statistical data to its business partners or third parties. Under no circumstances will you be able to be identified from this statistical data; you will remain anonymous.

  • Updating My Information

You may inform 24/6 Locksmith at any time that your personal details have changed or that you wish 24/6 Locksmith to delete personal information we hold about you by emailing us at We will change or delete your personal information in accordance with your instructions, except to the extent that we are required to hold your personal information for regulatory or legal purposes, to provide you with the services you have requested or to maintain adequate business records.

  • Links

You may link to other sites from This privacy policy does not cover those other sites.

For more information please contact us.