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Commercial Locksmith Services

You Need A Security Consultant Who Can Protect Your Business.

With a recession and rising crime, you need a professional, licensed commercial locksmith professional more than ever. Think of us as your personal security employees, but without needing sick leave, a cubicle or worker's compensation! With literally hundreds of satisfied businesses helped, whatever your need you will find it here!

You Deserve A Commercial Locksmith That Can Do It All. Call Now!

Whether it's a desk or filing cabinet that won't open, or a front door lock that needs changing, we're at your service. Full commercial locksmith services are available, including lockouts, changing locks, changing keys to your existing locks, and making keys on-site. High security locks for instance, can ensure the extra security you need to protect yourself and your employees.

How About Less Keys To Carry? Master Keying Is For You.

Too many keys? We provide master keying which means less keys to carry around and better security. "Master keys" open all the doors. Sub-masters which open most but not all of the doors are usually given to employees. "Servant" keys are given to janitorial staff and temporary workers which will give them access to only the areas you desire and nothing else. Master keying lowers insurance rates and keeps the work-site secure.

Desk Keys or File Cabinet Keys Lost? Secure Your Workspace.

If desk keys or file cabinet keys are lost don't leave important documents unsecured. You wouldn't leave your laptop or blackberry in a public place unattended to. Leaving a desk or file cabinet unsecured invites theft and loss. We can make replacement file cabinet keys and desk keys at a small fraction of the price of replacing your office furniture saving you money.

You Want Keys Only You Can Copy. High Security Locks and Keys.

Want keys only you can copy? We can install locks with keys that can only by copied with proper ID and a special authorization card. If you have all your keys, then you can be sure that none of your current or past employees have access to your commercial space. Conventional commercial keys can be copied at any hardware store leaving your space unsecured. High security keys are pick-proof and much more secure against theft and tampering which may even lower your insurance rates. This is a great option that only a business locksmith can provide. Secure your space today!

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Free Yourself Of The Need For Keys. Get Key-less Access Now.

We have push button key-less locks that can free you of the need to carry a key. Imagine never getting locked out again! Imagine being able to change the code to your door anytime you want making your space more secure. No more lost or broken keys!

Changing Managers or Supervisors? Secure Your Safe.

We can change the combination to both electronic and dial safes keeping your valuables safe. Changing managers or supervisors? Don't take the chance that they may be planning an "inside job". Change the combination so only your new manager or supervisor has the combination.

City Or County Inspectors On Your Case? Get An ADA Specialist.

All businesses are bound by the American Disabilities Act. We can help your business meet all necessary requirements. Cities all over Chicagoland are ratcheting up requirements. Don't get stuck with fines! We install all types of hardware and can advise you to all the possible options.

Get All The Door Hardware You Need To Enhance Your Space.

We have deadbolts, exit devices, door closers, anything and everything you need. You want quality hardware that will last for years installed by a skilled business locksmith. For our customers only the best hardware is installed for almost any budget.

Key Control Of Your Space. Protect Against Theft With Key Control systems.

Change of personnel or employees? Don't wait for an incident. Be proactive. Give us a call!

Keep Organized With Secure Key Boxes.

Organize all your keys. Be able to find exactly the key you need, when you need it. We have key organization options to save you time and money. Get an expert! Get a business locksmith to help you. Call now!

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